Social Media Package

Social Media is the new area of Online Marketing – Previously social media was simply a way to keep in touch and interact with family and friends however these platforms are now also being seen as business marketing platforms.

The search engines (for now) see Social Media as genuine online promotion, believing that in principle this is based on real people having conversations. The big advantage of social media is that for the most part it is relatively easy for everyone to join in and self-promote their business so you can be in control rather than leave it to the mysterious activities of an SEO company.


Facebook is focussed very much on personal social interactions and was not designed for business use. There is no easy way of separating business from personal (and Facebook doesn’t want you to have more than one account). They do provide “pages” which can be used for business purposes linked to your personal account. So you have to make some decisions about how you separate business from personal in using this platform.

When you join the Pet Sitting company network we will set-up and help you promote your business online through facebook, don’t worry if you don’t have a facebook account we will show you how to do this.

Below is an example of Pet Sitting Royston’s facebook page, as you can see it’s a great way to interact with existing customers and it’s a great way to attract new ones too!

Pet Sitting Royston Facebook page

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