Why Choose Us?

There are a number of ways to start your own Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business so what makes us so special that you should choose us to invest your time and money in to our opportunity?

Let’s first take a look at options available to you and these can all be found within a Google search:

  • Buy a book titled something like ‘How to start my own pet sitting business’
  • Sign up for a ‘Free Franchise’
  • Buy a Pet Sitting Franchise
  • Purchase a Pet Sitting business opportunity from us

You could be misled in to thinking that a ‘Free Franchise’ would be the most cost effective solution however you would normally be expected to pay an upfront ‘marketing fee’ to promote your business followed by annual commissions of approximately 10% of your turnover.

Purchasing a book is an interesting choice and will certainly give you lots of detailed information along with guidance about how to set-up your own pet sitting business from scratch. Unfortunately this option will only give you guidance and won’t include a website, help with social media set-up, press release & photoshoot for local media and 10,000 mini brochures delivered direct to your target audience as well as the many other marketing materials and forms you’ll need.

A pet sitting and dog walking franchise has been the preferred choice of an animal lover wanting to set-up and run their own successful pet sitting and dog walking business and will provide you with everything you need along with support to become established however being a franchise you will have annual commissions of approximately 10% of your turnover.

So why choose us?

There has never been a better time or opportunity to purchase your own pet sitting business, with the pet sitting company you get all the benefits of a pet sitting franchise, however this pet sitting business opportunity is far better! We have created a business model like a franchise so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a structured business with a proven track record but without the steep franchise annual commissions and fees.

It’s clear to see as a nation we love our pets and it’s also clear to see the business potential of running your own pet sitting and dog walking company, with our proven business model YOU decide the hours you want to work along with how much YOU want to earn. Whether you see this as a part time or full time business opportunity you will be given FULL training to ensure that you know how to promote your company, how to look after different pets, organise client management and keep your accounts up-to-date as well as plan for future growth.

This is a pet sitting business opportunity and NOT a pet sitting franchise – If you’re looking at purchasing a pet sitting and dog walking franchise you will need in the region of £12,000.00 and you’ll also have to pay a percentage of your turnover to the franchiser! However this opportunity is different as it has all the benefits of a franchise but will simply cost you far less.

Increase your chances of business success and join the Pet Sitting company network at around half the cost of a typical pet sitting and dog walking franchise.

We don’t charge any commissions and there’s nothing more to pay for the first six months, instead we simply charge a small manageable management fee of just £83.00 per month which includes the following:

  • Website hosting
  • Software updates to website
  • Content updates including text, testimonials and images up to one hour
  • Ongoing advice and business support to help you maintain and develop your business
  • Website analysis reports including how many people looked at your site, where they were from and what pages they looked at – this information is crucial to your ongoing success

Want to find out how we can help you achieve your goals of setting up your own pet sitting business?

Use the form on the right to get in touch and we’ll show you how!

If you decide that this is for YOU, we will be your personal mentor to guide you through the setting up process and be there for you to guide you through every aspect of your business.

How can we offer this pet sitting opportunity at half the cost of a pet sitting franchise?

Easy – We don’t have expensive offices and unnecessary staff to pay. But what we do have is a passion to help others succeed and avoid the common pitfalls often made by new business owners, having developed our first pet sitting company in 2010 we have created a business model including everything you need from training and marketing materials to ensure that you’ll have everything you need to help YOU achieve the income YOU want to generate. We have years of experience setting up and developing all kinds of businesses and this is no exception. With many years of experience in Marketing, Design and Business Development we have created a proven concept that can be replicated anywhere in the UK.