Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business

This is a great opportunity to be your own boss, decide the hours YOU want to work and create the income YOU want to generate!

From the moment your application to join the Pet Sitting company network is accepted we work with you to develop all the marketing materials you’ll need including your website to make sure that it’s bespoke to you, incorporating all the pet related services that you want to offer. With structured planning YOU too can make great profits from Pet Sitting, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, Puppy Sitting, Pet Boarding & Pet Taxi and remember that you only have to offer the services YOU want to offer – this pet sitting business opportunity offers flexibility and with our expert guidance you will have full control over the services you offer, for example you may see this as a part time business, be a dog lover and only want to offer Dog Walking & Dog Boarding or if you see this as a full time career you may want to offer Pet Sitting, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, Puppy Sitting, Pet Boarding & Pet Taxi and more, it really is up to you!

The profits you make will depend on three things:

  • Pet services you offer
  • Your enthusiasm & motivation
  • The area you live in

How much can I expect to earn caring for peoples’ pets?

That will depend on the points mentioned above however based on using the tools available to you and following the training manual provided you could expect a turnover in the region of:

  • Part time £32,000.00 + per annum
  • Full time £50,000.00 + per annum

We have put together a example typical day with earnings.

We believe these figures to be quite easily achievable and could well be a lot higher, as with any new business you can’t expect to make a profit on the first day of trading but what you can expect is a steady flow of work in the first few months that will build the foundations for subsequent months & years to come.  Once your business becomes established it will then have its own value too!

What’s the cost of this business package?

If you’ve done your research and looked at buying an established pet sitting business you could expect to pay anywhere between £15,000.00 – £35,000.00 or if you’ve looked at purchasing a pet sitting franchise you would expect to pay on average £12,000.00 but we’re offering YOU the opportunity of owning and running your own pet sitting company for less than half this amount, we have made this possible by understanding the requirements of running a pet sitting company, investing over six years in developing a proven concept that works and providing you with a complete package that can be adapted to your specific requirements.

We want to share our success with you, that’s why for a LIMITED TIME we’re offering you the opportunity to join the Pet Sitting company network for just HALF the going rate from £11,990.00 to ONLY £5,995.00!

There’s nothing else to pay for the first 6 months, after that we simply charge a small manageable management fee of just £83.00 per month which includes the following:

  • Website hosting
  • Software updates to website
  • Content updates including text, testimonials and images up to one hour
  • Ongoing advice and business support to help you maintain and develop your business
  • Website analysis reports including how many people looked at your site, where they were from and what pages they looked at – this information is crucial to your ongoing success

Want to find out how we can help you achieve your goals of setting up your own pet sitting business? Use the form on the right to get in touch and we’ll show you how!

If you decide that this is for YOU, we will be your personal mentor to guide you through the setting up process and be there for you to guide you through every aspect of your business.