How to start your own Pet Sitting & Dog Walking business

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If like many people you don’t have any experience of running your own business there’s an option to join the Pet Sitting company network, everything you need to launch, run and grow your business will be provided for you. Take a look at what’s included in our complete Pet Sitting & Dog Walking business package.

Here’s what one of our recent partners had to say about us:

The Pet Sitting company run by Dan and Michael have been amazing, when I made my initial enquiry they got back to me very promptly and they made sure that the business would work in my area, they are genuine and professional. Before choosing them I made enquiries with other companies, many still haven’t got back to me 12 months later, other companies charge double for less and take a high percentage of your earnings whereas the Pet Sitting company is great value for money.

They also make sure you are ready and able to take on the business. Setting up the business initially is scary but they help you every step of the way, if you follow their advice step by step you can’t go wrong.

The website is just phenomenal, professional looking and tailored to you, if you put in the work the website goes to the top of Google within months. In the meantime the marketing materials you receive are so professionally made and look expensive giving your business immediate credibility, not only that they organise the leaflet distribution, a newspaper article, business cards and everything you need, it’s so much better value and more than any other company. The professional forms they provide for client meetings blow peoples minds…READ MORE